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Hi everyone!

Today I’ll tell you how to earn cash very quickly in 3D business.  The easiest way is to sell 3D models via Internet. You can find plenty of stores or net-platforms which are offers you to sell your models through them. 3DExport is one of such places, where you can buy or sell 3D models, textures or HDRI maps using simple and intuitional method. Currently this store offers more than 52 000 products and its resources are steadily increasing.  All the models are classified in specific categories (e.g. furniture, food, electronics, bathroom, chairs etc.) so that to simplify users’ access to the models they’re interested in. Thanks to the smart browser, you can very quickly find one specific model.

What encourageusing 3DExport store is its image, sales royalty policy and multilinguality.


It’s worth to mention few words about Support services, which very quickly provide an answer for each question in case of any problems. When the format of 3DExport model is inappropriate, you should contact Support, which will provide you with proper format of chosen model.

In the left corner of the website you can find ‘Help’ bookmark. Here you can read the pieces of information which will help you to solve your problems on-line. In this bookmark you can find the information concerning questions such as: how to pay for models, to which formats store can convert files, what to do in case of any problems with model (Money Back Guarantee) and what are license terms and conditions. If you have any other problems or questions you can also choose ‘FAQ’ and ‘Help Center’ bookmarks. In that places you can also find the answers for your questions and helpful guidelines to solve your problems connected with using the website. However, if you have any further problems not mentioned in the bookmarks, you should contact Support by e-mail.

This website provides ASAP purchase.  You can make payment of chosen models using: PayPal, credit card, Webmoney or after buying credits on the website. To buy any available products you need to sign in on the website or log in through Facebook or Google+. Only with one click you can buy your chosen model.  But if you want to choose more than one model, you have to add them to the on-line shopping basket and then pay for them. After the payment, you’ll receive link to download chosen models.


And now some few words about sale.  You can add new models for sale in very simple and intuitional way. That’s why I really enjoy using this selling platform. The biggest plus of 3DExport sale service is its simplicity and transparency.  You can also import your models from TurboSquid or The3DStudio. Undoubtedly this will speed up adding names of items, their prices and descriptions.

As far as sales royalty is concerned you can expect about 60% for selling non-exclusively. Definitely it’s more than you can obtain in other similar platforms, where the sales royalty are between 40 and 50%. And if you’re selling only 3DExport models, you can count on even 60-70% of sales royalty.  To receive your salary you should use: PayPal, Moneybookers and Webmoney as soon as you earn at least 100 USD.


What’s more, you can join 3DExport Affiliate Program and earn 15% of each purchases of every user referred by you to the NetrinoMedia Marketplaces.  All you have to do is putting referral link on your website so users can buy your models.

To sum up,

3DExport’s thought to be tested sale platform, where you can easily sell your models. It stands alone above the other sale platforms thanks to its modern image, good interface and friendly sales royalty policy. 3DExport is increasingly developing. It attracts more and more users and at the same time it generates more incomes for sellers. And last, but not least, you can take part in 3DExport competitions organized for the special occasions, e.g. Halloween. Honestly speaking, I really recommend using this platform as well as encourage all of you to find more about 3DExport.


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