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My name is Tomek Michalski
and I love good design

Always been a freelancer who is trying to sort out his 3d world. In 2015, I finished studying Industrial Design at Institute of Industrial Design in Koszalin. The university has helped me gain sensitivity and get to know myself better through various faculties I have experienced.

3d graphics helps me express myself, show my world and my own projects on the border of art, architecture and design. I was inspired by a number of different trends during my short 3d career which has then translated into projects I carried out.

Currently, I want to show myself as an illustrator in my portfolio. You can find my personal architectural concepts, abstract illustrations, architectural illustrations and illustrations used for presentation of projects.

I try to be a minimalist, which is currently inspiring me the most.

What I do

  • ilustrations
  • architecture ilustrations
  • interior design for architecture/developers
  • vr visualization tours

I encourage you to come across my
portfolio and start our cooperation.

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