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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday From 28/11 – 1/12, take 40% Off All Models,volume and Scene on http://tomekmichalski.com/shop/ Coupon Code: black


Simulating Pillow

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Simulating Pillow in Marvelous Designer. I would like to show my method about simulating pillow in Marvelous Designer. Short video tutorial. Pillows won't be artificially puffed. p. Tomek Free .obj...

Shoes Free models

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Hi Free models High Heels. p. Tomek   High Heels Click Like to Start Your Download!

3DExport Sell ​​your models

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Hi everyone! Today I’ll tell you how to earn cash very quickly in 3D business.  The easiest way is to sell 3D models via Internet. You can find plenty of...

Last Projects

‘Designers are meant to be loved, not understood’

What can I do?

Products presentation

I present you willingly the products in the best way, so the customers could remember them and  buy them. For example the presentation of the furniture in various arrangement, presentation of your products in the studio or in another interesting place.

Interior arrangement

I will try to help you to arrange the interior, the stand etc.

Interior visualisation

I will make for you photo realistic visualisation of the interior based on materials you have prepared: technical drawings, inspirations.

Buildings visualisation

I will create realistic visualisations of the buildings based on  materials you have prepared.

Our Process

Individual approach to each project.

Phase 1: Valuation, Sketches

After reception of all the information including Client’s demands I start to analyse the particular project. Then I prepare list of models that need to be done and sketches of my concepts. In the next stage of my work I create all the required materials in 3D.

Phase 2: Modeling, Lighting, Test Renders

Afterwards I add appropriate materials and texturesto the created models. And then- I select the light which is appropriate for the particular project. At the same time this stage demands testing the light and therefore is thought to be time-consuming phase of creating the project.

Phase 3: Rendering

Once the client accepted all the suggested renders, concepts, frames and colours, it’s about time to render final versions of pictures. The rendering time of these images depends on the level of complexity of the act or the size (resolution) of render.

Phase 4: Post-production

The last phase of the project is post-production in image editing program so that to improve colour contrast and add previously prepared details and elements.

Detail, Photorealism

The universal rule of unique visualization is to multiply details.

The most important details which should be included in exceptional projects are following: good shaders, light, good shots, climate and last, but not least – interesting model full of precise details.

All the above help to achieve the effect that it is almost impossible to distinguish 3D from the reality.

During projecting each of my works I paid attention especially to the highest precision of details. The result of such approach were well-received and catchy projects that presented all the most important features.


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